Hello! I'm overjoyed you're here!


there's so much more to life than we’ve been told
It’s full of beauty that will unfold. -Josh Garrels

My philosophy on life is to embrace each passing breath, each passing moment, each passing laugh, and each passing tear (also each passing chance to watch The Office). I majored in Communication Studies, which is a fancy way of saying I studied interpersonal relationships with an emphasis on dialogue and vulnerability. Photography, for me, is a beautiful way to get to know others and create a safe space for them while taking photos. Although I'm an introvert-of-sorts, people are my passion. Specifically, showing people how intrinsically beautiful they are - in each passing moment

I value authenticity and I will treat you as such - an authentic human being with your own qualities that make you so loved and wonderful. I won't try and make you fit a mold for photos - if you want to jump the entire time, I'll jump with you. I've walked into poison oak to make someone feel like they are a fairy, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.  

When I'm not taking pictures, you can find me being a part time barista, part time wedding florist, part time office administrator, and full time wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I frequent art walks, strolls through nature, vineyards, and my LOTR movies. 

Jesus fuels me so I can capture the beauty of you. Cheers to that, my friend. 



I got to marry Levi, the love of my life this past June of 2017. We were married in the Ozarks of Arkansas and the day was filled with the love of the Holy Spirit. Levi teaches me all about vulnerability, kindness, mercy, patience, and forgiveness. He is my better half, my biggest supporter, and I am eternally grateful for him to be by my side. I couldn’t do this without you, my sunshine.